Monday, January 2, 2012

The Day Before Bootcamp Begins

Ready to Document: Weight/Inches Tracker and Bootcamp Menu
My TAM Workout Station: Trampoline, Mirrors, Weights & Scale!

As you can see from the pics, I've created a "TAM workout station" and on the inside of my armoire, I've posted a sheet to document my measurements and each day of the Bootcamp Menu.

Now, I'm getting ready to head to the farmer's market to buy ingredients for the first few days of my bootcamp menu. As a home cook (not qualified to call myself a "chef") it's going to be tough not to improvise, aka improve the recipes...but I'm going to stick to the MENU! I'm hoping I can keep the budget reasonable-- I know some people have complained that the menu wastes food (half of a grapefruit, but not the other half, etc..) but, with a hungry boy in my household, I think I can keep us both fed.

We're going to my man JP's Mom's house tonight for dinner-- my last big meal before the BC diet begins...I've been eating too much the last week, so dreading what the scale says tomorrow morning! BUT, I am really excited to start the program and get on my way to my teeniest, tiniest ME!


  1. Look at you go girl, you're gonna do awesome! <3 Jen

  2. Thanks Jen-- you continue to be TAMspiration for me! xxoo