Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 3...Tired but Triumphant...and other Stuff

Last night was a true test of self-control. I just started a job cocktail waitressing at this bar/club-- picture the spot where your "sexy in too tight clothes more appropriate for someone 1/2 her age" Aunt Millie goes with her widowed girlfriends to pick up wealthy dudes in their golden years. Um, seriously. We're talking AGING Cougar Den. But....there is a ton of cash to be made...which, is why this out of work reporter is going to be slinging drinks there! It gets so crowded, in fact, that waitresses have to hold their cocktail trays above their heads, which will be a true balancing act for this Mistress of Missteps! (And killer, for my already exhausted arms.)

I got there for my first training shift last night and had not prepared my TAM meal for the evening....It's just not the kind of impression I wanted to make when they offered me my "free training meal" to say, "Well, ya see....I just started this 30 day Bootcamp by the Goddess of Teeny Tiny, Tracy Anderson, and bar food is not on her menu!" It just wouldn't have gone over well, I pah-romise ya!

Taking all that into account, I previewed the menu before my shift, and the grilled chicken with a side of broccoli looked as "TAM approved" as it could be...I was basically just subbing out the turkey for chicken and kale for broccoli-- not a horrible substitution. I got super hungry half-way through the shift and had some tea with a little honey. I nearly eye-stabbed the girl training me who was eating a buffalo chicken wrap that looked so insanely good, I most definitely would have taken off a finger if she'd offered me a bite! By the time 2:45am rolled around and my training was done, I was so damn exhausted, I could barely move! I did turn down a "shift drink," thank you very much! No alcohol for this Bootcamp Bee-atch! ( ;

Our heater had gone on the fritz yesterday, so thank the LAWD for my little TAM kept the dogs and me nice and cozy! This morning, I stepped on the scale and down another 2 pounds! 170.2! Whoohoo! Here's the food story today:

I made a lovely vegetable roll-up omelet with grated zucchini, mushrooms, spinach and a few onions which I added in. I normally don't like veggie omelets, but this one was really good! Another addition to the post-BC menu for the Mistress...

Lunch was supposed to be a Salmon Endive salad, but since salmon is also on the menu for dinner, I didn't want to waste the rest of the roast turkey from yesterday...Sorry, Tracy, but budget takes priority! Note to her Chef de Cuisine, take leftovers into consideration! It would have been way more efficient to have included turkey in the omelet this morning!

I'm excited to make the Orange Glazed Salmon sounds great, although I will have to sub honey for yacon syrup since I don't have any. JP's mom gave us a smoker for XMas, so I may try that out with the fish and see if it infuses any more flavor. Plus, it will put my man to work-- Grill Guy will be all over it.

The only other "modification" I made was....(gasp!) coffee this morning. I still can't find where Tracy outlines drink options in the BC book, but after an 8 hour shift on my tired- danced out feet lastnight, a big cup of java hit the spot and got me energized this morning. I'm only making a half pot and (YES) I am using a bit of gluten-free Irish creamer, but, it's a calorie addition I will gladly subtract out from a snack, if need be! Even after 3 days, I'm remembering and re-introducing moderation into my life-- and having half of my regular coffee is the perfect concession.

I'm getting ready to do my workout shortly- here's the plan:

Dance Cardio for 45
35 Reps of MS
Goop Arms

One more thing! Part of my "Get Financially and Physically Fit" plan is to UN-MESS my life as well-- read: GET ORGANIZED and STAY ORGANIZED. Each day of this bootcamp, I will be posting a pic of some newly organized part of my life-- whether it's a desk, a cupboard, a file cabinet or whatever...SOMETHING each day will be organized. Today, we are celebrating my side of the closet!

Baby steps. I usually get so overwhelmed with organizing an entire house, that nothing gets done. I seriously can understand how hoarders get started! I mean, not the dog poop and dead bird kind of hoarders, but the piles of STUFF. George Carlin described it best-- Enjoy!

Day 4 awaits! Thanks so much for reading....


  1. Hi Gal!

    REally enjoying your Blog! I identify with so much, both from your past, present and hopefully Future! Every time I need motivation for my TAM I have a quick look. You're much further down the road than I and I look just as you did before you started boot camp. Only difference is I really dont have your ability to stick to any TAM foody days (I just munched a couple of After 8's as a pre workout body-chocolate-need TAM hijack) Anyway!! Have a great holidaym and please send the pics of before and after the Master Clense!! MWWAAAHHH

    1. Thanks for reading, Olivia! Sticking to the food is the hardest part. I have been indulging on vacation, but that's what vacations are all about, right? Def will post pics soon!