Friday, January 27, 2012

Days 21 & 22: Early Wake up Calls & Evicting Miss Muffin Top

Eviction Notice Served: Miss Muffin Top
Abs & Friends are Moving In!

I've been trying to mentally (and physically) prepare myself for an early wake-up call which will start with the new job next week. I need to be at work by 8:30am-8:45am, which means, to pull off a 2 hour+workout, I need to be up at like, uh, 5am. While I consider myself an early riser, that's a REALLY early rise and I may have to break up the workout into 2 portions-- an early morning cardio session and an evening MS session. I know, Tracy normally recommends doing the Muscular Structure work first, but if I don't do cardio first, I know myself, and I prolly won't get to it later.

That said, the last two mornings, (and the start of my third-- and last -- sequence of bootcamp muscular structure work) were gradually easing into early wake ups...Yesterday alarm went off at 7:30am and today at 6:30am. By the time I brewed a cup of coffee, took the dogs out and got the space heater on, I was already 30 minutes into my morning, which meant 2 hours later, I got the full workout in. Actually, yesterday's full start to finish took closer to 3 hours!!! As my fave Method blogger, Shan says, "LORDISSA!"

This last bit of Bootcamping is by far the hardest. Tracy promises that this is when "unbelievable things start happening," because you push yourself to a whole new level of "performance."

During the third ten days, the exercises are designed to go after the places in the body where you can bolt your muscles. I'm talking about the "miracle" areas that make sure the lower abs are flat, or that the hips don't bulge, or that your bottom stays perfectly lifted. The places that eradicate back fat and underarm sag.

I am particularly interested in those "places that eradicate back fat," since this is the first time in the Mistress' 36 years that back fat has become a visible issue. NOT PRETTY. I tried to ignore it, but in the series of "before" pics, you can see that yucky line of extra flesh trying to hide in the shadow of my job bra. It's BACK FAT! UGH.

I digress...I'm hoping Miss Anderson is right about results, cuz I've hit a serious plateau in the last week or so. I'm not weighing in every day, but I'm definitely not dropping weight the way I was in the first 10 days. That said, my clothes are fitting differently-- my "fat jeans" are sagging off my butt and I see way more definition in my stomach....Slowly, Ab & Friends are pushing out Miss Muffin Top and her nasty sister Gutty McFatty! I mentioned this on FB yesterday, but running to my car to avoid being drenched in rain, said Fat Jeans literally, fell off my ass! Whoo hoo! Skinny Jeans--- well, we're not going to go there...YET.
Fat Pants Gettin' Loose!
I was planning on doing Week 3 Bootcamp pics and measurements today, but I missed my fabulous photographer, Mr. Man, this morning since I had to leave early for my friend's wedding....and tomorrow, I'll be busy catering her celebration wedding dinner so... realistically, I won't get to the pics till Sunday.

I should have done measurements this morning, since my girlfriend's celebratory brunch involved a Parker chow down to the tune of onion rings, filet mignon and several glasses of Pinot.....YIKES! The menu I'm preparing tomorrow involves crabcakes, beer braised short ribs, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and let's not even start discussing the homemade chocolate eclairs. Mistress of Mischief in the Kitchen will need to be on her best behavior to not devour EVERYTHING!

I snapped the above pic in my red knickers this morning after my workout and I think I can see some big improvements in my belly-- not quite where I want to be, but there's still over a week left to get those big results! I really need to be disciplined about my diet and see if I can get those weight numbers to hit under the 160's...that would be so sweet! To go from 176.6 to 159 would be a huge victory for me.

Stay tuned!

More pics and accurate measurements coming by the end of the weekend....



  1. wohoo....
    you might like my blog! I'm a personal trainer and plan on blogging a ton on fitness. My blog is new so it doesn't have very many posts but check it out!

  2. Hey Brandi! I just checked out your blog-- awesome pics and I love your thrifting! I was just planning on doing a post about that myself, since this Mistress of Mismanaging Funds has found a new obsession at Goodwill! ( ;


  3. You can certainly do it my dear! I'll be so excited for you when you hit the 150s :) You're making awesome progress, the next 10 days are the roughest (hello 3+ hour workouts) the cleanse will be that last kick that you need so at the end don't cheat one bit you hear me! <3 Jen

  4. Coach Jen-- I am committed to following the cleanse TO THE T(racy). BY THE BOOK. Thank you for keeping me accountable-- I know it's going to be worth it in the end!

  5. Hi Parker
    We are on about the same stage you and I. I skipped a week of Series 3 of Bootcamp due to the Lunar New Year and am now technically on Day 25 instead of past Day 30.
    I haven't been following the menus though as I'm on a different diet plan that I started just before Bootcamp, which runs for 3 months. I have also been naughty by missing tons of cardio days...guess that's why my results aren't as great as they should be! Need some motivation! Keep the pics coming!

  6. Hey Avalyn-- thanks for reading! It's so hard to follow the schedule perfectly, but this last week I'm going to really give it 100%. Let me know how your results are at the end! xxoo