Sunday, January 15, 2012

Midnight Workouts and the 2.4 Pound Boogeyman

Just call me Mistress of the Midnight Workout. Yup. Finished my Bootcamp MS sequence early, but didn't wrap up my 40 minutes of cardio until nearly 1am lastnight, er this morning! I MUST try harder to get in the morning cardio. Otherwise, I just keep putting it off, then I get distracted, then I put it off again until I'm up against a major deadline to finish.

Being a reporter is a good fit for me because I need a deadline to get anything accomplished. If I have 113 things to do with a deadline, I'll get them all done on time and executed with precision....If I have 3 things to do and no time-frame, I won't do any of them. Hyper-ADD freak show-- otherwise known as ME.

So, I talked about the recent phobia of scales I've been having in the last post and, uh, there was good reason behind that fear...My phobia boogeyman appeared this morning in the form of a 2.4 pound weight gain. UGH! The truth is, the last few days I got overly confident, veered off the TAM diet rails and now have to face the 2.4 pound Boogeyman. He's not very big, but Boogeyman puts up a helluva fight and is scary stubborn. I HATE THE 2.4 POUND BOOGEYMAN. He haunted me all day with a batch of homemade french fries, made by JP. Then, that mean 'ol 2.4 pound Boogeyman nearly scared me right into the arms of a Snickers Ice Cream Cone! I was very cranky all day today having to resist so many morsels of deliciousness. And I'm crankier now because I'm HUNGRY! Just think Freddy Krueger on a diet, dude. Very scary indeed....although those blade gloves might have come in handy today with the amount of carrots I had to chop for my Carrot Ginger Soup.

Parker when she's hungry. Julienned Carrots, anyone?

I's gonna be short and sweet today.

I have an interview/meeting with a big ad agency in the morning to do some freelance writing, so hopefully it could be an opportunity to supplement my new (but not large) income with Georgia Public Broadcasting.

Until then, I've got a date with the Boogeyman on the rebounder, right about NOW. 2.4 is going DOWN. Quite literally!



  1. hey you ... freddy ;-)
    don't forget muscles are heavier than fat - so maybe the 2.4 pounds are actually muscles??? just focus on the inches ;-)
    Good luck for the job interview - I am sure its gonna be just fine - don't forget the positive thinking vibe!
    cheers nina

  2. Good luck with your interview :)

    The 2nd week is usually a plateau so don't totally freak and certainly don't go running to that ice cream cone!

  3. Nina-- Freddy here....( ;

    I haven't taken measurements yet-- hopefully you are right! Measurements and pics tomorrow!! Thanks, love-- interview went great!

    Jen-- thanks for the good luck wishes! Hopefully I can kick it back into gear for the start of week 3! NO ice cream cone for me! ( ;


  4. Hi there!

    I just stumbled on your blog and am now a follower - I am on Day 3 of the TAM and find it very interesting to see where you are at! I can't wait to see some results!

    I am doing a similar day-to-day follow of Tracy's method, please stop by and let me know what you think (I would also appreciate any pointers!)

  5. Hi Unpublished-- I just signed up to follow your blog too!

    Good for you for following the diet to the letter-- me, not so much. I HAVE to season the food more and add flavor here and there with, food, um, "accessories"-- ( ;

    Keep up the hard work-- it's totally worth it! xxoo


  6. Stumbled upon this post from a "you might also like" link from your most recent post. I completely feel ya on the needing a deadline thing. Procrastination is my middle name. But once I set my mind to doing something, it's gonna be done perfect, dammit! I also feel ya on the food "accessories." I don't see why a pinch of kosher or sea salt in a dish (especially when nothing on the diet is processed) will hurt anything. On the contrary, if it will make the dish taste better, we're more likely to stick to eating it (instead of french fries!). I've found the TAM diet way too restrictive, so I try and live Naturally Thin when I can. Hoping my upcoming cleanse will help me get back into being consistent in the good habits.