Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 26: Cleanse Day 1

I am in awe of the girls who have followed the TAM Bootcamp diet to the letter-- like the gorgeous Jen TAM, or "Brainy Barbie" (as she calls herself), who started documenting her Tracy Anderson journey a year ago-- with amazing results, I might add.

If you've been following the last 25 days of my Bootcamp mission, the diet, has, been, well....not so much. I have modified the menu, modified the modifications on the menu and further modified those menu modifications with, well, you get the picture. I justified certain changes due to budget, since Tracy's Chef de Cuisine doesn't take into account leftovers and wasting the additional 4oz or 8oz servings that are extras once the recipe is made, just, well....wasteful. That said, substituting choco-chestnut pudding for 3 glasses of Cabernet -- prolly not an even swap out. But, I'm over 3 weeks in and Mistress of Modifications here, is gonna have to live with those bad decisions when my results are not as *fabulous* as they might have been if I'd followed the diet perfectly.

Perhaps to make up for my diet indiscretions-- especially this last weekend's food and booze bender-- I'm following the 5 day TAM Bootcamp cleanse almost by the book. For those of you not familiar with the "cleanse"-- it is Tracy's ramp up to the end of bootcamp and the beginning of Perfection:

During the last five days of your kick start, the Performance Cleanse will help you shed weight to show off your beautiful new muscular structure...The Method Cleanse uses real food so you are still digesting and getting maximum energy. Every day you will enjoy seven different foods that include sweets, savories, soups, puddings and purees. These are:

Sweet Purees
Blueberry Applesauce
Kiwi Dessert
Choco Chestnut Pudding

Savory Purees
Edamame and Carrot with Cayenne
Sweet Potato Corn Pudding

Tomato Gazpacho
Chicken Protein Soup or Tofu Vegetable Soup

Along with the seven food choices, you can drink Kale Spinach Beet Juice and Kale Juice for energy, as a snack, or to replenish your body after a workout.

The only um, modification adjustment I am making is substituting out the gazpacho for an additional serving of chicken protein soup. Tomatoes give me indigestion and I'd rather have a bit of extra protein anyway.

I got up at 6:15am this morning to start making the pureed food (it's like baby food and baby portions, btw) for the next 2 days since tomorrow is my debut at the radio station... I don't want to be in a frenzy of pureed kiwis when I'm supposed to be channeling my inner radio goddess!

Stocking up on 4oz portions of mushy mush

I spent the summer working as a personal chef for several different clients and I am pretty efficient when it comes to multi-tasking in the kitchen. The cleanse ingredients took things to a whole new level of time consuming! It took nearly 2 hours to get the blueberry applesauce, kiwi dessert, sweet potato puree and the choco-chestnut pudding done! And I hadn't even started on the chicken soup or the edamame. LAWDY!

I got in a 60 minute rebounder workout yesterday morning, saving my mat work for later in the evening. (I have to break up the 2-3 hour workout most days). I was so tired by 1opm that I didn't even take off my jeans to do my mat workout. It just seemed like it would take up way too much time and energy to go all the way upstairs for my leggings!

My goal is to get in a 60 minute cardio workout each day of the cleanse. I'm going to rock out the dance cardio in the morning before work and then do the mat work when I get home.

It's 10:30am-- so far I've had sweet potato puree and blueberry applesauce and I'm starving. Time to make some soup!

I'll check in tomorrow after work to give you an update on cleansing and joining the ranks of the working stiffs...

(And I will literally be working stiff, since this last level of MS work is killin' me!)



  1. Ohhhh the cleanse... how I don't really miss it (But feel I might do it sometime just to get me back into the healthy eating groove). I think my favorite was the edamame, but I left out the spinach (well I liked whichever one had spinach without the spinach... hahaha... poor cubemate, I raved about it neglected to tell her leave out the spinach, then she hated it... oh joys of bootcamp!). Thanks for the shout out love, you're gonna love the cleanse (or at least the results!). Keep it up!

  2. I find it ironic I keep talking about leaving out the spinach as I'm eating a GIANT spinach salad lol

  3. ha! Yeah, edamame was by far my favorite-- next to the choco-chestnut pudding, of course! My appetite is definitely changing, thank God. If nothing else, this has been a great body reset....now if I can just undo the damage from my "stuffed" weekend! ( ; Thanks for reading, babe!

  4. Urgh ... don't think the cleanse will happen for me.

    Good luck, though! Cannot wait to hear all about it!!


  5. Parker, I have nominated you for the Liebster blog award. Come on over to my page to find out the details!

  6. Jae-- you are amazing! I'm so flattered to have been nominated by you! I will certainly be returning the favor to my fellow bloggers with "small crowds" following! Thank you so much for the extremely sweet gesture!! xxoo