Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 7...One week down and chocolate sabotage


After a spat with JP over money ( or lack thereof, on my side of the financial arena) I got depressed, unmotivated and started craving chocolate. BIG TIME. So, I snacked on a *small* half-palmful of chocolate chips and decided to make some coffee to wake-up and motivate myself with a little energy boost to workout. I also hoped that the coffee creamer I added would satisfy my sweet tooth and keep me from hitting the chips again. Then, I saw this video on Perez Hilton and regretted every chocolate morsel!!! Seriously. These women are from another planet. No way they are human.

OH, and did I mention, that after a 2 hour attempt at getting through 30 reps of MS with my ankle weights, I'm sitting here at 1:13am fighting with myself about doing dance cardio. I've decided to do a 10 minute BC segment with the ankle weights on and just double up on cardio tomorrow. Not a good excuse, but it's just been one of those days. If I don't get good news about the radio gig, I'm going to go into freak out mode. Seriously stressed.


I ended up getting through 20 minutes of BC cardio (working at about 60% effort) wearing my ankle weights. It was after 2am when I finally crawled into bed and it took forever to fall asleep-- I kept tossing and turning thinking about finances, job options, etc....Needless to say, I slept terribly, woke up to my dog Clyde throwing up all over the carpet and was afraid to get on the scale after my midnight chocolate sabotage. I almost didn't-- justifying to myself, "Just weigh yourself tomorrow-- no use making yourself feel worse if you gained anything-- you don't need any more negative energy to bring you down. And so what if you have put on a pound? No one has to know!!!"

But, I also remembered that this blog is about accountability and truth. So, let the truth be known, no matter how good, bad or pockmarked with cellulite it is! *BREATHE*.

OK, so I stepped on the scale, exhaled and looked at the number: 167.2! Down another 1.4 pounds!!! YAY!! That's a total of 9.4 pounds in a week! Maybe it was visualizing that those chocolate chips didn't go straight to my ass that worked....whatever it is, my day is already feeling better with that positive scale experience. NOTE: We should never judge a day by the numbers we see on the scale-- that's an evil trap....I know. But in this case, it is one of the only things I can confidently celebrate at this moment!

Now, if I can just get some good news from Georgia Public Broadcasting.....


  1. Sweetie you're doing awesome :) Don't worry everything will fall into place. Tackle one thing at a time and once you master that move onto the next. If you tackle too much at the same time you'll meltdown. So concentrate on the amazing acheivement of 9.4 pounds in 1 week! I am soooo proud of you :) <3 Jen

  2. Thanks Jen--- I've been re-reading your bootcamp progress and feel so happy to be almost on your weight loss track! TAMspiration, my dear! Thanks for reading!! I AH-DORE you! Love your new blog, too, by the way!


  3. You are doing so well! as a beginner this is really inspiring me just reading your posts and your experiances through the method. 9.4 pounds is outstanding, you are going to look hotter than that girl in the video ( i gawked at it too and vowed never to touch chocolate again) :P

  4. Well as you could see - one splurge is not armageddon at all! you are doing absolutely great!!! I am already very proud of you, that you lost that much in only ONE week - you have to celebrate! Don't worry so much!