Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 16: Newt and an Open Marriage (with Food)

Newt responds to "open marriage" allegations at the CNN Debate this week

So, there's been a lot of blathering from the 24 hour news networks about allegations that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is a fan of "open marriage," basically a dude solution to that little ish that happens when you take a vow to be with one person forever. When a relationship loses that "newness"-- apparently some guys like to trade in the trusty Buick and take a spin in a shiny new Cadillac. Well, "Newtness" in this case, happened when Newt allegedly asked his second wife for a "Get out of Marriage Free Card." His second wife, Marianne, told ABC and and the Washington Post that he asked her to consider an open marriage after admitting to an affair. "Honey, I test drove the Cadillac and you should see her purr! I think we should buy it...We can keep the Buick, but I'd rather drive the Caddy."

When she refused, he divorced her and hasn't spoken to her since. This, by the way, was after he asked his first wife for a divorce when she was suffering from cancer. Gingrich has denied the "open marriage" allegations, but given his history of affairs and divorces, one might suspect that he's, uh…NOT TELLING THE TRUTH.

The truth is a funny thing…it creeps up when we're least expecting it. For me, as it relates to my quest for a teenier, tinier, healthier me, it shows up in the form of Miss Muffin Top and her nasty sister Gutsy McFatty. Have I been eating clean? Why yes, I have....pretty much, clean, I mean, yeah, but, well, um, Yes, I have. Sorta. But instead of a Pinocchio nose, my Muffin grows with each diet lie. So, my question is: Is it possible to stay faithful to our diet and exercise plans or do we need an open relationship? When is it cheating and when is it being "open" to get all free loving on that slice (or four) of pizza; to roll around with an ice cream topped brownie when the craving calls and to get down and dirty with some Disco fries? (For those of you who don't know what disco fries are....they are the insanely delicious, heart-attack on a platter type french fry variety that is slathered in cheese AND gravy. Oh yes. It's true. Cheese AND gravy. Insane.)

Is it possible to have our proverbial cake and eat it too? In my years of dieting and attempts to get in shape, lose weight, etc...the moment I labeled an eating plan a "diet" I immediately sabotaged all efforts and found myself miserably munching on rabbit food and binging the next moment at a drive-thru. Diet is a dirty word nowadays, so people like to say, "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle," i.e. the TAM plan. Well, Swingers call it a lifestyle too, but that doesn't mean it's a solution for everyone!

Princess of Perfection, Tracy Anderson, herself, will tell you that TAM is a "lifestyle" that demands a commitment of like 2 hours a day, 6 days a week if you want Gwyneth style results. It's simply not always realistic to be that committed, that faithful to TAM all the time. BUT, what I always come back to with TAM is Tracy's "Consistency is Key" mentality...Keep up consistent work and you will consistently see results. Her 80/20 rule for regular maintenance is definitely something I can live with: 80% commitment to targeted nutrition, 20% guilt-free enjoyment. So, it's kinda like, driving the Caddy only on weekends. During the week, you gotta stick with the Buick-- sorry, dude.

Here's where the honesty comes back into the picture....We must be honest with ourselves about our weaknesses and our triggers: If you're going to a wedding and will be tempted by all the fattening appetizers, eat a healthy snack before you go. If you're married and you can't stop thinking about the hot young dude in the sales department, don't go to the holiday party without your husband! ( ;

We are not perfect...But we can be honest.

So come on, Newt...If you wanted the Caddy, just say so. And for the record, HIS Muffin Top is growing more after each primary. Just sayin'.

Quick workout/diet update: Pineapple for breakfast...shocker, since I'm not a fan of fruit breakfasts...Making a sweet potato for lunch and picking up lamb tenderloin and brussel sprouts for dindin. Getting ready to rock out 45 minutes of DC and 35 reps!

Over half-way there! 14 more days! Whoop whoop!

Here's a little treat for you girls-- a double looped V-for Valentine's Day Standing Abs Video, compliments of a TAM'er on FB!


  1. loooove this video! posted it once too. those abs are killing me!! :)

  2. Hi Martie! Isn't this video awesome?! It's an ab workout I don't mind doing, and for me, that's huge!